January 25, 2022

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OPEIU Benefits Book
A reference guide for members
Updated March, 2019

OPEIU Free College Tuition Benefit (Associate Degree)

The OPEIU has partnered with Higher Education Partners (HEP) and Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) to provide OPEIU members and their families with the opportunity to earn an associate degree on-line for free – no out-of-pocket costs for tuition, fees or e-books. Students study online and can earn an Associate in General Studies, Healthcare, Business Management (with focus areas in Information Systems, Labor Studies, Marketing, Advertising, and more), Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Teacher Education, Accounting and Professional Office Management.

The OPEIU Free College Benefit is open to members in good standing, who are full dues paying members, and their families. Family is defined as spouses, children, stepchildren, children-in-law, dependents and grandchildren. Potential students’ membership will be verified by OPEIU. 

Please visit FreeCollege.OPEIU.org for more information or call 888-590-9009.

OPEIU Low-Cost Bachelor Degree Program

This new program to earn a bachelor degree in Business Administration or Teacher Education Licensure and non-licensure (Pre K-5th grade) – with additional degree programs coming soon, is available to OPEIU members in good standing, their children, stepchildren, financial dependents, grandchildren, spouses, domestic partners, parents, siblings, sons- and daughters-in-law. Family members do NOT need to be financial dependents or living with the member to be eligible. All courses are 100 percent online.

OPEIU has partnered with Central State University (CSU), a regionally accredited public, nonprofit university near Dayton, Ohio. An associate degree or 60 credit hours in your intended major, is required to enroll. Students who have earned an associate degree or college credit outside of their intended major will begin with the Free College program at EGCC and then transfer into the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program at CSU. Credits you earn can transfer to other schools.

Students must apply for federal financial aid and use any grants to pay the tuition. Students must also use any employer-sponsored tuition assistance. The Student Success Grant will be applied toward tuition, fees and books so the most you will pay in annual out-of-pocket costs is $4,500 ($187.50 per credit); for many, it will be significantly less and for some, even zero (depending on available federal grants). E-textbooks and fees are included in the out-of-pocket maximum. For more information contact 1-888-897-9671 or visit OPEIU.org. 

OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program

Applications are now being accepted for the OPEIU Student Debt Reduction Program to help OPEIU members and associate members repay their student debt. The fund provides five awards of $2,500 each year to a member who has completed an associate or undergraduate degree and who can demonstrate they have at least $10,000 in student debt and their account is current.

The application deadline is June 30, so apply today. Click here for more information and an application.