June 05, 2020
Staff and Officer Directory

Local 8 Staff and Officers






Name & Email Address
 Business Manager
 206-441-8880 ext. 101
 Organizing Director  Corinne Cosentino  206-441-8880 ext. 113
 Union Representative
 206-448-2615   or  
 206-441-8880 ext. 107
 Union Representative  Valarie Peaphon  206-441-8880 ext. 103
 Union Representative  Diane Arnold  206-441-8880 ext. 115
 Union Representative  Leslie Liddle  206-441-8880 ext. 108
 Union Representative  Ida Kovacic  206-441-8880 ext. 117
 Union Representative  Erin Adamson  206-441-8880 ext. 105
 Union Representative  Angie Wedekind  206-441-8880 ext. 122
 Union Representative  Patrick Pedersen  206-441-8880 ext. 121
 Apprentice Organizer  Nallely Flores  206-441-8880 ext. 109
 Membership Support Representative  Tara Powell  206-441-8880 ext. 106
 Membership Support Representative  Phoebe Feldsher 206-441-8880 ext. 119
 Office Manager  Mike Maloney  206-441-8880 ext. 118
 Administrative Secretary
 206-441-8880 ext. 112
 Billing Clerk  Lynn Brown   206-441-8880 ext. 114
 Membership Database/
 Dues Posting
 Jim O'Connor  206-441-8880 ext. 111
 Graphics Specialist/Secretary  Sally Mitchell  206-441-8880 ext. 0
  Bookkeeper  Joan De Leon  206-441-8880 ext. 123



 Kellie McGuire,  President
 IBEW Local 77
 John Adams,  Vice President
 Thurston County Juvenile Court
 Cindy Schu,  Secretary-Treasurer
 Shannon Mains, Recording-Secretary  Seattle Housing Authority
 Anthony Forte, Executive Board
 (Central Region)
 UFCW Local 21
 David Olivera, Executive Board
 (Central Region)
 Solid Ground
 Sara Jimenez-Orozco, Executive Board
 (Central Region)
 Sea Mar Community Health Center
 Tara McIntosh, Executive Board
 (North Region)
 Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett
 Elizabeth Maass, Executive Board
 (North Region)
 Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett
 Barb Cameron, Executive Board
 (East Region)
 Senior Life Resources
 Robin Sullivan, Executive Board
 (East Region)
 Senior Life Resources
 Rick Nesbitt, Executive Board
 (East Region)
 Washington Federation of State Employees
 Karen White, Executive Board
 (South/West Region)
 Washington State Labor Council
 Paul Bender, Executive Board
 (South/West Region)
 Kaiser Permanente
 Jan Abberger, Executive Board
 (South/West Region)
 Kaiser Permanente
 Elaine Carlson, Executive Board)
 (South/West Region)
 Becky Mowry, Executive Board
 (South/West Region)
 Washington State Ferries



 David Evans  Kaiser Permanente 2017 - 2020
 Richard Cox Washington State Labor Council 2018 - 2021
 Lois Jamieson IBEW Local 46 2019 - 2022
 Joan Weiss Retired 2019 - 2022