October 15, 2019
Providence Everett Contract Campaign 2019

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Rally July 26, 2019

  Providence Updates  

October 10, 2019  Reminder of Tonight's Meeting!
October 7, 2019  Bargaining Continues
September 10, 2019  No Real Progress in Contract Negotiations
July 23, 2019  Bargaining, Upcoming Rally
July 1, 2019 Thank you to all who showed up to the UFCW Information Picket.
June 18, 2019 Counter to PRMCE's take on negotiations with OPEIU Local 8
May 20, 2019 Last bargaining was on May 2nd with very little movement.
March 29, 2019 Ask Your Bargaining Team
March 22, 2019 Healthcare Surveys & More
February 6, 2019 OPEIU Local 8 & UFCW 21 Bargaining Teams have met PRMCE management over the last few months....
January 14, 2019 As we move into the new year both unions will be gearing up their efforts....
December 3, 2018 Your OPEIU Local 8 Bargaining Team has met with PRMCE management for four meetings over the last few months....
November 8, 2018 What's going on with Bargaining and what happens now that the contract has expired?
September 10, 2018 Today, September 10, 2018, is the first day of negotiations with PRMCE....
July 30, 2018 Meet Your Bargaining Team
June 13, 2018 Survey Results & Bargaining Team Election
May 14, 2018 Online Bargaining Survey now available
May 8, 2018 Union Representatives will be at PRMCE every Monday and Thursday throughout May and June
April 24, 2018 Let's Get Ready to Bargain!

  Contract Action Team (CAT)  

Christen Adams
Martin Badie
Jonathan Barton
Charla Benoit
Samantha Boit
Sabrina Bridges
Darcy Brown
Jessica Burgess
Gauravpreet (Gippy) Chhuhan 
Sue Chirstofferson
Laurel Coalwell
Sabina Fritts
Tim Gibbons
Ashley Hawke
Janice Herrera
Nadene Holeman
Neha Lal
Jennifer Layfield
Elba "Lucy" Lopez Flores 
Liz Maass
Lucy MacKeige
Tara McIntosh
Sarah McPherson
Araceli Mercado
Bryan Monsaas
Jocely Monzon
Kanwara Moore
Alondra Navarro
Cynthia Neuhoff
Sebrina Odell
Tom Olson
Jessica Plate
Jodi Ramsey
Mary Ann C Raquel 
Carrie Reaves
Kristi Sage Haugh
Cecilia Smoke
Katie Southard
Kylie Southwick
Alice Spurling
Amber Startzman
Jaquelene "Jackie" Taber
Jessica Travis
Sonya Venables
David Weller
Jodie Weller
Darla Williams
Garfield Williamson
Leslie Wills
Kathleen Woods

  Bargaining and Strike Documents  

September 9, 2019 Questions We've Heard...
August 13, 2019 PRMCE Strike Assessment Form
October 15, 2018 Reclassification/Upgrade Survey
May 4, 2018 Bargaining Survey
ongoing OPEIU Local 8 Strike Policy