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NWIRP Update - May 21, 2018




for Local 8 Members at Northwest Immigrant Rights Project


May 21, 2018



Labor Management Committee Meeting Summary 5-8-18

Our LMC Team -- Georgina Olazcon Mozo and Michele Suarez (Seattle office), Jovita Salas (Granger office), Maria Cordero (Tacoma office), and Chrystal Arceo Rosales (Wenatchee office) -- met with management (Jorge Baron, Kevin Haag, and Vanessa Gutierrez) on May 8, 2018 to discuss the following issues:

Employee/Volunteer Handbook Update

NWIRP management is updating the Employee/Volunteer Handbook due to changes in procurement requirements and expense allowance (travel and business) IRS regulations. They will also add an animal policy which will follow the law regarding service animals, but as has been the past practice, animals will not be allowed at work. Several of the NWIRP worksites have no animal clauses in their leases.

Tacoma Office Move

The Tacoma office will be moving around June 1.

Timekeeping and Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees

We discussed exempt employee timekeeping. Management asked if the Union had any concerns. Our Team had not heard of any questions or concerns from either exempt or non-exempt employees. If you have any questions regarding timekeeping, deviations from schedules or compensatory time, please contact Diane Arnold, Union Representative at diane@opeiu8.org or (206) 441-8880 ext. 115.

If you have any Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) questions, please contact Diane Arnold.

Kevin will send out a form in a word document for exempt compensatory timekeeping.

Performance Reviews

Management would like Union feedback on the performance review process. I have attached two documents (in one PDF) for your review as well. Are there any changes that should happen to the process? The LMC Team will gather all your comments and bring any proposed changes to our next LMC meeting on August 7th. Please send your comments to your office LMC member(s) or Diane Arnold at diane@opeiu8.org.

Budget Update

The Board set a financial goal a while back that NWIRP should have at least six (6) months of reserves. Currently NWIRP is meeting that goal with 6.2 months of reserves.

The funding source for the Legal Orientation Program (LOP) seemed to be at risk but now it appears funding will continue for another year.

Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funding may be at risk but for now the contract is expected to continue from July 2018 to June 2019.  There may be a cut in funding of about 20%.  Congress approves the amount of VOCA funding. The state has agreed to back fill a federal funding shortfall.

New funding source- The State Legal Defense fund of approximately $1 million dollars was created in the last legislative session. Potentially NWIRP will receive some of that funding after the request for proposal process which has not happened yet. There are no guarantees that the funding will continue after one year so NWIRP will need a backup plan to ensure that the program can continue beyond the state funding.

Staff Retreat

Please provide any input, feedback on past retreats and/or suggestions on all aspects of the staff retreat from venue to agenda. The plan is for an all-day event in Wenatchee, but an overnight event is possible so if you have any comments on day vs. overnight, please let us know. Please send your comments to your office LMC member(s) so we can report out at our next LMC meeting on August 7th.

Questions?  Contact your Union Representative Diane Arnold at
800-600-2433 ext. 115 or Diane@opeiu8.org












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